Shipping policy

Delivery Policy & Risk

  1. Unless otherwise explicitly agreed in writing, the delivery times, as stated on the website, shall be indicative only and shall never be considered as implying a deadline.
  2. The delivery term begins on the day that the other party receives electronic (email/sms) confirmation from Sengetti (by way of an order number) that an agreement has been entered into.
  3. Sengetti is authorised to fulfil its obligations in instalments. Orders or part orders that cannot be delivered for any reason whatsoever, will be recorded, placed on back-order and delivered at the earliest available opportunity and Sengetti shall inform the other party by email/sms.
  4. The risk of damage, perishing, theft or loss of the delivered goods is transferred to the other party as soon as these goods leave the warehouse of Sengetti , even in the case of free delivery.
  5. The other party has an express obligation to inspect the goods received for any defects, damages or errors. In the event of a defect, damage or error the other party must notify Sengetti in writing within 5 (five) days of accepting delivery, quoting the order/invoice number and must retain the defective item for Sengetti to collect and inspect. If it is proven that the products did not comply with the agreement, Sengetti has the choice of replacing the defective goods with new goods or refunding the value of the invoice. Sengetti is, for delivery purposes, authorised to amend the list of Main Centres at any stage.

Currently we only ship within South Africa but can make allowances for other countries.

Shipping Method:

In Stock, Inventory orders are usually shipped within 2-4 days. (Monday – Friday) using MDS, The Courier Guy, Internet Express.

Handling time: 1-2 days (MONDAY - FRIDAY)

Transit time: 2-4 days (MONDAY - FRIDAY)

Shipping rates are:

The shipping cost is based on your order. You can check your shipping cost on the checkout page. 

Shipping time is estimated and commences from the date of shipping rather than the date of order and can take longer than the expected date due to invalid addresses, customs clearance procedures, or other causes.

Shipping Status :
As soon as your order ships, you'll receive a shipping confirmation email that includes your tracking number. If you don't receive a shipping confirmation email right away, don't worry! We know the delivery date or date range provided at checkout, and we'll be sure to deliver the items within that timeframe.

Item not received :
Please contact us directly with your tracking number or search online via the freight companies website.

Customer Support: 

Phone: +27 79 649 9949
Durban North, KwaZulu-Natal, 4051, South Africa.