The true worth of a work of art is not in its material value but in its ability to capture the imagination and stir the soul.

Our Story

Sengetti is a brand rooted in luxury that extends beyond borders.

It Builds on the Andy Cartwright brand, which has been creating innovative designs for more than 20 years.

Our crafted luxury homeware collection takes inspiration from the beautiful African landscape and is designed to bring out the untamed self, the inner wild side whether you're at home or on the go.

Each and every collection item is endowed with a level of aesthetics and individuality that is akin to the person who will eventually acquire it.

Let Sengetti be a home for your dreams. It captures the power of art to inspire a timeless nature that will leave you to delight in the beauty of a classic masterpiece

Our Mission

Sengetti seeks to bring together luxury and fashion in a homeware range that is authentically designed, yet infused with an international flavour.

We strive to provide our customers with items that are functional as well as visually appealing, presenting that modern touch to every household with designs that can easily suit any design theme or layout.

With every product, we aim to create a signature experience that is unique to the Sengetti brand and the distinct style of Andy Cartwright, which allows our customers to discover new and exciting items of the highest quality that they would not find anywhere else.

Above all else, we value honesty, integrity and that goal of inspiring with every design – with our customers’ needs at the core of every product that is provided.

Our goal is simple: to create beautiful luxury homeware that is authentic, lovingly curated and crafted to appeal to various preferences and tastes, with a look and feel that is timeless and classic.

“We work hard to ensure that each of our products is as one-of-a-kind and special as the individual who purchases it because we think everyone should feel untamed in their own environment.”